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If there was enough editorial space allowed this article’s heading could just as well have been extended to state for the record that this unique development in the heart of the Ortigas districts holds both hotel accommodation and residential suites fit for kings and queens.

Whether newcomers are guests within the hotel portion or setting themselves up for a long term stay in a residential apartment, they are regally pampered with a few Westin Hotel trademarks. These trademarks carry the theme of being accommodated in heaven.  And did they not once write a song stating lyrically that heaven is, in fact, a place on earth.

A classy track record in providing luxury and space

While there is every encouragement from the developer and its extensive team of collaborators to make this the case, it also depends on what residents and visitors are appealing for in terms of their aspirations which all point in the heavenly direction of a life of luxury and opulence. The support cast to this idyll is well-appointed interior constructions and truly high class interior designs.

The developer of The Residences is Robinsons Luxuria. Let its corporate identity speak for itself as well. Over and above the standard practice of providing residents with lots of space within congested urban environments, there is a definitive desire to pamper the clientele.

Meet the prestigious design team

Robinsons Luxuria have brought on board three local designers who are household names in the Philippines architecture and interior design landscape. Kenneth Cobonpue, Budji Layug and Royal Pineda are responsible for creating an ambience not just indicative of luxury but also conducive to everyday Filipino living. And that means taking into account family lifestyles traditional to the local population.  

To add to the distinctively international flavor of the residential portion of The Westin, Leicht décor has influenced how kitchen interiors are designed. Kitchen appliances, on the other hand, come from the work of Gaggenau.

Standing firm and aloft on interior and exterior construction features 

To have luxury on tap is a wonderful privilege.  But it offers nothing to the resident if it is impractical in the sense that all he and she can do is sit back and admire the four walls. Awe and wonder is resplendent, indeed, but everything seemingly connects and complements. The welfare and peace of mind of residents is also paramount. To this end, even support and security has been provided in style, from the concierge to the complex’s gate guard.

And support services have been extended to business requirements. In this case, apartment suites have been positioned in such a way to provide residents, tenants or guests with amenable room to work.

Fitting in well with The Westin’s trademark of everything being heavenly, emphasis has been placed on staying true to providing every opportunity for residents to achieve complete health and wellness. Earlier, it was remarked that extensive living space was a priority for the developer. To complement this, luxuriously appointed rooms are precisely proportioned.

Health and Fitness

Health facilities and fitness nodes have been installed throughout. In keeping with the health and wellness trends of today’s twenty-first century societies, the heavenly theme has been extended to the exercise arena. It is here that The Westin has created yet another trademark in the form of appointing a personal trainer, still titled as a building concierge, to assist residents with their running routines.

Health and wellness is never complete without the ability to relax healthily and enjoy a healthy balanced diet. Here, the heavenly trademark has been extended to the bathroom experience. Here, healthy food is not only balanced and nutritious, it is super.

Safety and Security

Wellness cannot be fully enjoyed until such time that a resident can say that he or she is truly at home in peace and does not need to batten down the hatches to ensure that the household is safe and secure. But earlier, it was remarked that security has been provided with panache. A gate guard stands by to escort residents to their private garages and monitors their onsite security requirements. Security monitoring is non-stop, twenty four hours a day.

Security surveillance systems and CCTV cameras have been installed across the board. Residents have also been provided with their own electronic key cards to enable private access to their living spaces and amenities.

Property Details

In consideration to lifestyle choices and budget considerations, prospective buyers have a wide enough choice to make. But no matter what the size of the selected unit, The Westin brand of prestige and VIP privileges have been maintained throughout. While each unit has its own luxuries and finishes, residents still have access to the main hotel complex, should they wish to make use of it.

To provide as much variation as possible, even room size differs here. For instance, a one bed-roomed apartment can range in size from forty seven square meters to eighty two square meters. It stands to reason that one more bedroom added means a larger apartment. A two bed-roomed apartment ranges in size from ninety six to one hundred and sixty square meters.

Three bed-roomed apartments start from as high as one hundred and seventy three square meters, going as high as just over two hundred and fifty square meters. The prize jewel will, of course, always be the Penthouse suites. Here, you think only in terms of everything over two hundred square meters.

Where you will be staying

Not just where you are staying; just think about what you are investing in and the elite company you will be keeping. You now know that your unit or apartment at The Residences is a part of The Westin Manila Sonata Place, in the heart of Ortigas. You also need to know that your hotel staff and property managers are in collusion with another premier group in the form of the Starwood Hotels and Resorts group. This collaboration serves as an infusion of more prime property and its residents in an already gentrified setting.

Residing at The Residences, let us just say, you are located along San Miguel Avenue. Along this strip are well-known buildings and institutions, commercial hives and communal establishments that contribute towards the gentrification of central Ortigas. But this austere side of Ortigas never forgets the roots and traditions of local Filipinos, meaning that this setting fits comfortably with the social side of Filipino living.  

Sonata Place

Sonata Place also has its bevy of office complexes, home to a number of multinational companies. Family wellbeing has never been forgotten. Those that have growing children can send their children to school here. In times of emergency, hospitals are quite close by too. Located in Sonata Place, The Residences is an ideal place of abode for startup engineers, business executives, the professional class and a growing number of expats who have made progress in their lives in different parts of the world. This progress should not surprise you because Filipinos are famous for being hard-working citizens.

Westin Manila Prestige

As a resident of The Residences, here is what you can expect to be spoiled with at The Westin. This side of the twin complex features over three hundred luxuriously appointed guestrooms. You have leisurely access to a number of restaurants within the complex and well over fifteen thousand feet of hall space has been handed over to make provision for special occasions and important business conventions.

Back at home

Six meeting rooms and two ballrooms leave you with plenty of room to choose. Across the way, where you will be staying, once you have signed on the dotted line, of course, you will be in the company of another three hundred and forty nine (also) luxuriously appointed apartments, all of which replicate The Westin brand. The list of amenities are endless, far too numerous to mention here. For ease, let us mention some of these in alphabetical order as follows.

Amphitheatre, children’s play facilities, commercial hub, communal lounge, function room and hall, garden, gym, Jacuzzi, laundry, running track, swimming pools (for adults and children). 
On tap services include – Wi-Fi compatibility, laundry servicing, goods receiving point and building administration.

External elegance in the Westin tradition

Glass predominates as the buildings’ covering. The stylistic critique given to this display is that the glass covering lends itself to ‘understated elegance’ as a modern construction. What must also be remembered is that the use of glass allows for the free flow of natural light into the buildings.

Interior design, let’s just say

But go inside any one of the units and you see a continuation of this modernist form and function. Again, residential units have been deliberately fashioned to model The Westin brand. Where bedrooms are concerned, let’s just say that everything is masterful and heavenly. The kitchen element is, quite frankly, luxury convenience on tap.

Kitchen appliances have been customized in accordance with designer and manufacturer, Gaggenau. The kitchens’ cabinets have been installed by the house of Leicht. Some residents, they do like to cook. And why shouldn’t they? Not only is it a longstanding tradition amongst Filipinos to treat their guests accordingly from the heart of their kitchen, all open plan, mind you, the sleek and functional kitchen infrastructure drips with the twenty-first century aspiration towards avant garde health and wellness.

Mornings can start bright and early with a freshly squeezed juice or homemade smoothie, so easy to do with the appliances around you. And who said that the stomach leads only to a man’s heart? What about the ladies? There you go, it has been said. Welcome to the twenty first century. This is an era that The Westin knows well.

They know the different concepts of modern lifestyles well, having infused their special brand of luxuries within a number of earlier developments across the world. Now, in Ortigas, their work has been made just a little easier due to the fine collaboration with The Residences’ developer, Robinsons Luxuria, already something of an institution in the Philippines. Another trademark of The Westin is to always be located at the heart of the matter.

In their scheme of things, or neck of the woods, if you like, developments are always centered in and around significant urban centers. Earlier, it was remarked on the caliber of men and women being targeted for permanent residence here. Perhaps you do not classify yourself as such. But that is quite alright. One thing you should be getting right in your life is becoming a consummate investor in tangible property.

By utilizing property as a long term investment trajectory, you cannot go wrong. You will be taking care of the so-called lean years, something to be expected in this day and age of geopolitical uncertainty and financial insecurity. The best investment advice remains the same; to stay the course when investment returns plummet. And in any event, you can utilize your investment well by becoming a landlord. Doing this, there is more savings in the bank for you.

Find yourself a model tenant or two who will add further value to your investment. And in any case, you are not saddled with the burden of high maintenance and repair. Finally, your investment at The Residences is rock solid, given what the property offers you (or your guests or tenants) and where it is primarily located. By investing in one or two apartments at The Residences, you become the key holder to one of the most heavily populated but sought after urban spaces in Southeast Asia.

The Residences is for those progress-minded men and women who wish to have the best of both worlds. Luxury hotel pampering, but at home. Peace and tranquility and peace of mind, but close enough to the heart of the city. Those men and women who do land here have something rare in the urban city environment. They have acres of space and plenty of room to maneuver.


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